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AkissA: Japan to Cairns
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1st-Jul-2010 08:32 pm - HELP ME CHOOSE A HOUSE !!!!
*Help help help* I need advice FAST! I have a decision to make asap, by tomorrow evening.
I have to choose the house I want to live in, for the next few months, maybe a year or more.

Option 1: It's brand new! I kid you not, if you look  it up in Google maps, it's just an empty block of land LOL! It's behind DreamWorld too! I will have nice bedroom, with built in wardrobe. I have a glass door opening onto the backyard, where my dog will live ^_^. Plus I have a door to the house. There is two young Aussie guys living there. Rent is AU $160 a week.

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Option 2: 5 STAR LUXURY MANSION. It's the most beautiful house I have seen in my life! But I have to share it with 5 or so Chinese people. And rent is $180 a week.

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15th-Sep-2009 10:25 pm - Kazu / Paper Cranes
Happy Jin

Yesterday, I hung out all day with my new friend Kazu. He is experiencing a huge amount of bad luck these days. Like some of his things got stolen, and his gf left him, plus he thought his car got stolen (infact he forgot where he parked) XD Today his car actually died. Poor guy haha! This is worse than me and my Takuto/ jobless problem. Anyway Kazu is a nice, friendly guy and we feel comfortable hanging out with each other.
At night, I had a ticket to see Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, in the threatre. I bought it online maybe two weeks ago. Kazu decided he'll come with me if he can get a ticket too. He did get one, guesse what seat? The one directly next to me O_O wtf wow. The play was so small scale. It was definetly for kids, so it didnt have that sad atmosphere. In one part, Sadako goes "Maybe when we die, our spirit floats above us. Is this what happens?" and the kid infront of me goes "NO!" hahah.


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And then at night, our Japanese friends invited us to hang out. We went to Mamiko's apartment and watched Batman the Beginning. Wow it was better than I expected! It's not a kids movie anymore, it's aimed at adults. Batman is kinda hot too LOL. Then we sat outside, on the street like hippies, watching the stars and talking. We all decided to go camping on the weekend! Im excited about it.


7th-Nov-2007 04:46 pm - FRIENDS ONLY

This journal is Friends Only. Once you become my friend, you can read all my entries.
It's for security reasons, like keeping stalkers and pervs out *^_^*
Until then, you can learn more about me in my 'User Info'.
To be added as a friend, just post a comment here, telling me a bit about u.
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